"Give me a lever long enough, and a place on which to rest it, and I will move the world." Archimedes

"Vectis" is the Latin word for "lever" or "fulcrum." Why is that important?

Our name, eVectis Technologies, was chosen to convey our consulting philosophy... itís what differentiates us from other firms. We view technology as only being important to the client that can benefit from it. We are not just technologists, we are your strategic business partner.

Our consultants analyze your business operations and internal processes to identify any technology "leverage points" that provide the basis for business-driven recommendations. Information technology can be a tremendous enabler, a powerful lever, to:
  1. Improve operational efficiencies,
  2. Increase productivity,
  3. Extend current organizational capabilities,
  4. Enable businesses to enter new markets via new channels,
  5. Improve top and bottom line performance
Using a proven approach, we identify one or more information technology options that solve a client's specific technology problem or support their business objectives -- and wherever possible -- these recommendations are compatible with the existing technology infrastructure.

eVectis Technologies views technology only as a "means to an end" -- not an end, in and of itself. Our clients are businesses that share that view and rely upon us to recommend solutions that make business sense.

Why eVectis? Clients choose eVectis Technologies because they share our view that technology leverages their business, and they trust our approach will identify the solutions they really need!

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